Searches resume for 2 people feared drowned
EMERGENCY services workers have resumed their search for a woman lost on the NSW Central Coast after a horror weekend rock fishing trip, also for an American man missing after a swim on the state's far north coast.

The middle-aged woman was on a rock fishing trip at Flat Rock, Catherine Hill Bay, NSW, on Sunday with her partner and one more middle-aged couple, along with the 25-year-old son of one of the couples when they were apparently flooded by freak waves.

The bodies of 4 of the group had been recovered by yesterday afternoon before police scaled down their search for the remaining missing woman, who is presumed to have drowned.

They resumed their search this morning. In the meantime emergency services workers are also looking for a missing American man who went swimming near Byron Bay, on the far north coast.

He was reported missing by friends about 12.20pm yesterday.

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