17-Year-Old Mother Gives Birth After 20 Days of Labor

http://news-updations.blogspot.comA 17-year-old mother gave birth to her first son five months prematurely after enduring labor for almost three weeks, The Telegraph reported.

Amy Buck from the county of Lancashire, England went into labor on May 4 and delivered her son Daniel 20 days later.

"At 19 weeks and five days I went into labor,” Buck said. “Until then there had been no other complications, I just felt a bit uncomfortable. But I thought it was natural. The nurses sent me home saying it was just my womb but I knew there was something wrong.”

Fifteen days later, Buck said the pain she felt was unbearable. She returned to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary to learn that she had been fully in labor and had contracted an infection that was a risk to Daniel’s life. The doctors gave him a 15 percent chance of survival.

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