Police: Calif. boy spends 12 hours with parents' bodies while wounded 3-year-old hides outside

Police says that a 5-year-old boy spent 12 hours with the bodies of his mother and father, while his 3-year-old brother hid outside their Southern California home after being shot three times.

Anaheim police say the shootings — an apparent murder-suicide had happened late Sunday. But they weren't discovered until midmorning Monday, when a co-worker stopped by the house to see why the father hadn't reported to work.

Police say the co-worker instructed the 5-year-old to call 911.

The 3-year-old boy was found conscious hiding behind trash cans on the side of the house, and was taken to UC Irvine Medical Center. Sgt. Tim Schmidt told to radio station KNX that the boy was shot three times, including in the chest and stomach.

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