Amiri returns home, denying Iranian pressure on family

Iranian academic Shahram Amiri, who returns from the USA after 14 months, on Thursday said he turned down a US$50 million bribe offer by the US for collaboration. According to Press TV, Amiri express the US was pursuing a "psychological propaganda" movement against Tehran from side to side his abduction.

He renowned that US officials were making labors to bribe him to advance their following agenda against the Iranian government. "They told me they would give me 50 million dollars and give me and my family with proper living conditions in a European country if I reversed my decision to return to Iran," Amiri said in the press conference.

He also sharp to an American offer for an interview with CNN and said that, "Since the early days of my kidnap, the Americans were willing to pay me 10 million dollars in exchange for my input in a 10-minute interview with CNN."

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