EXCLUSIVE: 'BMWs' Help Afghans Go AWOL From Texas Air Base

A impermanent network of Mexican-American women, a number of of whom may be illegal settlers, have been accountable for helping numerous Afghan military deserters go AWOL from an Air Force Base in Texas.

A lot of of the Afghans, with the women's support, have made their way to Canada; the location of others remains unidentified. Some of the men have been schooled by the women in how to move around the U.S. without any certification.

The Afghan absconders refer to the women as "BMWs" — Big Mexican Women — and they often are the first step in the Afghans' journey from Lack land Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, to Canada, a diplomatic official told FoxNews.com. He ask for mystery because he is not authorized to speak publicly during an ongoing investigation by U.S. and international authorities into who helped the Afghans leave the Defense Language Institute’s English Language Center at Lack land.

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