Female teacher banned for five years after sending sex letters to 16-year-old student

A FEMALE Queensland high school teacher who, according to the court documents, sent sexually explicit letters to a male student has been banned from reapplying to teach for five years.

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal has found that former state school teacher Laura Naomi Fields posed "an unacceptable risk of harm to children".

Documents handed to QCAT earlier this year by the Queensland College of Teachers claimed Ms Fields first sent a letter to a then 16-year-old student on November 2, last year, stating that she was "increasingly turned on and drawn to him" and was having "crazy and intense fantasies" while still at the school.

"I do miss you and crave your company and I would love to have a friendship with you ... but I'm not sure if I would always be able to keep my hands off you," she wrote.

Three letters were sent to the student - the second and third after the student had graduated.

In its finding against Ms Fields, QCAT said her behaviour could be "described as disgraceful on a number of the grounds".

"Firstly she was in a position of trust and responsibility towards a student," QCAT said.

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