Jessica Simpson dating ex-NFL player

http://news-updations.blogspot.comLooks like that Jessica Simpson is back in the dating game -- with another football player.

The singer, who dated Dallas Cowboys star Tony Romo for two years, is now dipping back into the NFL dating pool, seeing former San Francisco 49ers tight end Eric Johnson.

"It's true," a source close to Simpson confirms to PEOPLE, adding that the pair have been dating since from May.

Adds a friend of the singer: "She is happy that she found a great guy. She's really happy."

Simpson has been making other changes as well. On June 27, the pop star Tweeted: "[I] shocked my system with a vegan diet, special Pu-erh tea from China and cupping since Friday!"

The singer, who turns 30 on Saturday, has said that she's working on her self-esteem and feels hopeful about finding in love.

"I think [30] is going to be a good year for me," the "Price of Beauty" star said in May. "I can find love anywhere."

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