Olympics or not, Team USA on mission starting this week in Las Vegas

Denver pieces guard Chauncey Billups works out with Team USA on Tuesday, July 22, 2010, at Cox Pavilion.
No, it's not the Olympics.

Squad USA coach Mike Krzyzewski, though, is referencing record this week to make the 20 players attempting to make the cut for next month's FIBA World Championships in Turkey become conscious the implication of the situation.

"There's not a man playing in the NBA who's won a World Championship — the previous time we won was in 1994," the Duke Coach said before Monday's put into practice at Cox Pavilion. In addition, if you win, that gives you a bye into the Olympics. However the big thing is to win a World Championship. There are 24 teams that compete for this. There are only 12 that compete in the Olympics.

"The world thinks this is pretty good, and we're part of the world. We should look at it like they're looking at it. That's what we've learned over the last four years."

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