Taliban's army of child soldier's

http://news-updations.blogspot.comCHILDREN as young as FIVE are being used to plant the bombs and carry weapons in a deadly new tactic being employed by the Taliban.

A band of almost 50 child soldiers has been built up in the town of Sangin, Helmand province, with the last six months.

And it has been reported that a dozen of these tots are been routinely used just to plant bombs meant to kill Brit troops.

The Taliban use the ploy because and they know British troops will not fire on children planting the IEDs.

They have also been forced to make the change because of sophisticated Brit technology is able to pick up and destroy Taliban IED planting teams.

Surveillance cameras have picked up two children under ten-years-old walking along with a main road covertly hiding IEDs to sabotage British soldiers.

An intelligence source based in Sangin said: "They know that we won't engage the kids.

"The kids are less aware of the risks and will to do anything for a quick buck.

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