Top Obama officials worried U.S. terror attack by Al Shabaab may be next after Uganda bombings

Apprehension that Somali terrorists might phase a brazen attack on America is on the rise after the lethal Uganda bombings, senior Obama administration officials said Tuesday. Al Qaeda-aligned Al Shabaab's attacks in Kampala Sunday that killed 76 World Cup revelers, including one American, might foreshadow a U.S. terror plot, they said.

"There is a anxiety Al Shabaab strength try to carry out alike types of attacks in other venues," a top U.S. official told reporters.

The Raymond Kelly Police Commissioner said he send out a sergeant and three officers to join about 60 other Joint Terrorism Task Force investigators in Uganda. A police officer who was by now based in South Africa for the World Cup is also on his way, Kelly said. Shabaab goons - including some Somali-Americans and Al Qaeda operative who moved to Somalia to flee a CIA drone blitz in Pakistan - have long been targeted by U.S. Special Operations Forces.

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