Afghan civilian toll points to Isaf mission dilemma

Afghan civilian toll points to Isaf mission dilemma,This is the newest in a series of biannual news by the UN and confirms that violence continues to augment across Afghanistan.

It is not presently soldiers but civilians who are being killed or upset in unparalleled numbers in this nine-year old conflict.

According to the UN's particular representative in Afghanistan, Staffan de Mistura, "the human cost of the conflict is increasing in 2010 and civilian casualties are increasing considerably".

He explain the findings as "a wake-up-call".

The 31% rise in civilian losses tells the story of a war that is evolving with few signs that it is reduction.

According to the UN report, more than three-quarters of deaths and injuries are now at the hands of the Taliban, while there has been a marked decrease in those attributed to foreign troops or Afghan safety forces.

Women and children in exacting are bearing the burden, with an extraordinary 155% rise in the numbers of young people dying in dissatisfied bomb blasts.

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