Al-Shabab Claims Responsibility for Somalia Hotel Bombing

Somalia's al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab crowd has taken blame for a suicide attack on a hotel in Mogadishu that has killed more than 30 people, counting seven parliament members.

Al-Shabab spokesman, Ali Mohamud Rage, says affiliates of the group's "special forces" under attack Somali parliament members exist in in Muna Hotel in Mogadishu's government-controlled Hamarweyne district.

Fury says al-Shabab armed forces were able to easily go into the hotel compound, located near the presidential palace. He claims almost all of the parliament members in the hotel were killed.

It is not recognized how many lawmakers were inside. Other than Somalia's Transitional Federal Government says six lawmakers and two administration officials were killed during the attack. Information say one more lawmaker subsequently died of wounds in the hospital.

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