For US, Pakistan floods are about national security

* Washington boosted funding for food respite

* Fight against militants linked to flood effort success

* Political anxiety could hamper respite

GHAZI, Pakistan, Aug 19 (Reuters) - Previous to they are picked up by U.S. save helicopters, flood survivors in Pakistan's Swat valley are checkered for armaments and explosives -- two times.

Intended for the United States, which is as long as naval helicopters to help villagers, the reprieve action in the northwestern vale is tinged with anxiety about Islamist militancy.

Rising annoyance by survivors has fuelled fears that militants, who held sway in the valley two years ago, are seeking to develop the humanitarian crisis to get back influence.

"So far, it's been very safe," said Sergeant Keith Flick, one of the U.S. plane crew helping the Pakistan military.

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