Lebanon and Israel need a proper border agreement

High-quality fences make good neighbors’, according to an old proverb – the idea being that resistance is less likely if those on both sides of the line recognize precisely where they stand. Resting on that basis, the border fence flanked by Israel and Lebanon is a bad one. On Tuesday it led to a military confrontation in which five people died: three Lebanese soldiers, an Israeli officer and a civilian Lebanese journalist.

The trouble with the fence is that when the Israelis up righted it following their extraction from southern Lebanon in 2000, they did not go after the border line accurately. In places, they adjusted the route for expediency and military reasons.

Because an effect, a variety of pockets of what is still legally Israeli country lie on the Lebanese side of the fence. The Israelis call them "enclaves" and don't always see eye to eye with Lebanese government on the subject of their extent and location.

Now you power think that the sensible obsession for the Israelis to do about these relatively unimportant patches of land would be to not remember about them – which, initially, is more or fewer what they did.

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