Muslim Frenchman Accused of Aggravated Rape

A Muslim Frenchman, quotation by the officers, was the main cause behind the attack on polygamy practice and has been accused of being involved on aggravated rape, as learned by the state prosecutor on Sunday.

Xavier Ronsin knowledgeable that Lies Hebbadj, who is a occupant of Nantes region of western France was accused of forced rape that was based on a grievance, which had been forwarded by an ex-partner of the accused.

Hennabdj, who was taken under take into custody on Friday, has challenged the charges; however, there were sufficient reasons to file the first round charges, which encouraged a full level inquiry, as knowledgeable by the prosecutors.

His ex-partner has declared that she had been raped at usual intervals from 2003-2007.

He made headlines for being a on purpose polygamist, but since his accounted four partners and almost 15 kids do not live jointly, investigators could not confirm polygamy as stated by the bylaw.

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