Peace this time? Israel, Palestinians to talk

Plummeting into the Palestinians Mideast peacemaker's position that has beaten so many U.S. leaders, leader Barack Obama on Friday invited Israel and the Palestinians to try anew in face-to-face talks for a significant accord to establish a self-governing Palestinian state and secure peace for Israel.

Negotiations put on hold two years ago will resume Sept. 2 in Washington, escritoire of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said. Obama will host Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for banquet the night previous to.

The aim: a deal in a year's time on the toughest matters that have sunken preceding negotiations, as well as the borders of a new Palestinian state and the fate of disputed Jerusalem, maintained as a holy capital by both peoples.

"There have been difficulty in the past, there will be difficulty ahead," Clinton said. "with no a doubt, we will hit more obstacles."

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