Russia fire death toll rises to 50

Russia fire death toll rises to 50 Wildfires were powerful hazardously close to a shelter housing hundreds of dogs and retired spectacle animals, animal activists said Thursday, as the death toll from weeks of blazes across Russia rose to 50.

Village gutted by wildfires and one more person died of their injuries during the night, the Emergencies Ministry said. Approximately 600 part fires were still raging, mostly in western Russia, as the country endured its hottest summer on record.

The executive of the animal shelter, in the village of Khoteichi, 64 kilometres east of Moscow, said he and volunteers had by now extinguished a fire that came within 150 meters and were bracing for more blazes. The protection is home to more than 1,800 animals, mainly dogs, but also bears, monkeys, foxes and tortoises.

"With the speed of fire, we don't know if we can save them all," Sergei Serdyuk said of the animals.
Broad pollution that had blanketed Moscow partially lifted early Thursday, but could return with no end in sight to a record heat wave, officials warned.

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