UN: Millions of Children in Pakistan at Risk of Disease

The United Nations news as many as 3.5 million children in flood-stricken Pakistan risk falling ill from waterborne diseases. A United Nations orator in Pakistan says children in emergency conditions are chiefly vulnerable to deadly diseases such as acute watery diarrhea and dysentery.

Pakistani establishment estimate the overwhelming floods are touching 20 million people. Of these, the United Nations says at smallest amount six million are in need of emergency life-saving help.

A spokesman for the World Health association, Paul Garwood, tells VOA hazardous waterborne diseases thrive in the kind of unsanitary, filled to capability conditions in which people are living.

"When there is surplus sum of unclean water in communities where people live, where people have imperfect access to safe, clean drinking water and have bad hygiene conditions, where perhaps there are many people living in heaving settings, the risk of the spread of water borne diseases like acute watery diarrhea increases," Garwood said.

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