We're No. 1! UGA tops party schools ranking

ATLANTAThe University of Georgia won a national title this year.

The Princeton appraisal announced Monday that Georgia is the No. 1 party school on it’s at the present infamous annual position. The school of about 30,000 students has been on the list 10 times since the position was created in 1992, but this is the first time the university has full the top spot.

Intended for the campus — bounded by nearly 100 bars in tiny business district Athens — parties are just part of life from August to May each year. A lot of students gear up for the weekend on Thursdays and sometimes doesn’t rest until Monday morning.

"That's what citizens look forward to initial Thursday — Thursday night is the new Friday night," said junior Andrew Chappell, 20. "The party mood is such a big part of Georgia."

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