The Iraq war: Mission truncated

At what time he ran for president, few subject illustrious Barack Obama more than his views on the war in Iraq. He had opposite it from the start, so he continually reminded the electorate, unlike his main rival for the Democratic proposal, Hillary Clinton.

He was determined to remove the majority of American troops from the country within 16 months of pending to office, unlike his Republican adversary, John McCain, who had spoken of American troops being in Iraq for 100 years. Everyone this shaped a big part of Mr Obama’s appeal to voters, who were sick of the disagreement and dismayed by George Bush’s handling of it.

Consequently when Mr Obama declared the fulfilment of his vow and the “end of our fight mission in Iraq” in an address from the Oval Office on August 31st, it should have been a successful instant for the president and a cathartic one for the American public. As an alternative, the speech was a sombre affair, and the popular reaction muted.

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