Obama: GOP hasn't been honest with Americans

Arguing determinedly next to returning Republicans to power, President Barack Obama told Iowa voters Wednesday that the GOP has been lying about what needs to be done to revitalize the economy and reinstate middle-class dreams.

"We can't imagine that there are shortcuts," the president said, addressing about 70 voters in a grassy backyard.

"When you seem at the choice we face in this vote coming up," Obama said, "the additional side, what it's actually offering is the same policies that from 2001 to 2009 put off hard troubles and didn't really speak honestly to the American people concerning how we're gonna get this country on way over the long term."

Five weeks in front of midterm elections that will settle on whether Democrats keep control of Congress, Obama confront stark voter angst. The first question he got was from a woman who said of her son, a new college graduate, and his friends: "They are behind their hope which is a note you inspired them with."

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