Obama outsourcing attack seen due to ‘domestic compulsions’

A day following the Ohio outsourcing ban, angers ran high in the government and bilateral talks on the substance were high on the agenda, other than a calm Sam Pitroda, who’s known as the information technology plus telecom czar of India, put the blame directly on “domestic compulsions” in the US.

He logical that outsourcing ban was trigger by the double-digit unemployment rate in the US.

Pitroda, who was brought into the attention by Rajiv Gandhi decades ago, is at the present the advisor to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on public in sequence, infrastructure and novelty’s.

Following the first meeting of the determined National Innovation Council in the capital on Thursday, Pitroda said the outsourcing ban would not have an extended and lasting impact on India’s IT industry, which has been up in arms next to the Ohio decision.

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