Officials say levee failing near Wis. park
PORTAGE, Wis. – A levee along the Wisconsin River was failing Sunday, flooding the access road leading to a park area and cutting off any residents who did not heed daylong warnings to evacuate.

It wasn't clear how many of the roughly 300 residents remained in Blackhawk Park around 4 p.m. Sunday when the road was closed after water started leaking from the Caledonia Levee south of Highway 33. The levee had not collapsed, but officials said enough water was coming through it that it wasn't considered safe.

The Portage Daily Register reported that the water was about six inches deep on some roads Sunday afternoon, and people were wading, pushing strollers and riding bicycles through the water.

The Columbia County Emergency Management Office wasn't letting anybody in or out of Blackhawk Park and warned all morning that emergency vehicles, including police, fire and ambulances, would not be able to reach any residents who stayed behind.

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