Palin's Wins Stoke White House Run
Two more applicants backed by the former Alaska governor achievement Tuesday, boosting her impetus and adding to her loyal army. Shushannah Walshe on her organization’s ramp-up for 2012.

Less than a week ago, Christine O’Donnell, a perennial contender badly incompatible against Mike Castle, a fixture in Delaware politics for an age group, was given virtually no chance to win. Then, abruptly, on Sean Hannity’s radio show came the season’s must-have endorsement: Sarah Palin was backing O’Donnell and Palin's Wins Stoke White House Run.

The also-ran’s fortunes distorted overnight, and her campaign took off, propelled by recorded phone calls from Palin herself. On Tuesday night, O’Donnell shocked the following world with one of the biggest upset yet in a year that has been full of them.

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