Woman pleads not guilty in Wash. in acid hoax case

Her face red and mottled but largely unbandaged, a 28-year-old Vancouver woman begged not culpable Wednesday to charge arising from her false claim that a foreigner marked acid in her face.

Bethany Storro has admitted that she complete up the story about the facial burns she suffered Aug. 30, saying she put drain cleaner on her face trying to kill herself. The container drew national notice to the recently removed woman who works for a grocery chain, and brings in nearly $28,000 in donations to help with checkup bills.

Storro faces three theft charges. Court records show depleted about $1,500 of the contributions on such things as dinners for her parents, clothes for herself and a bill for an August laser facial peel.

The balance sheets containing the contributions have been frozen and her parents have said the money will be returned.

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