Afghan official: Cargo plane crashes near Kabul
A cargo plane crashed into mountain east of Afghanistan's capital Kabul on Tuesday, an Afghan airport bureaucrat said. The plane with a nine-member team was flying from Bagram Air Field when it went down 7 miles (11 kilometers) east of the assets, Kabul Airport Director Yaqob Rasoli told The connected Press.

No in order was immediately obtainable on the fate of the crew, he said. The aircraft was transport supplies for NATO armed forces in the country, Rasoli said. Bagram, which lies north of Kabul, is the main U.S. military base in Afghanistan.

Weather circumstances were clear Tuesday evening and the reason of the crash wasn't right away clear. In May, a passenger plane operated by Pamir Airways, a private Afghan airline, crashed while traveling from Kunduz in northern Afghanistan to the assets. All 44 passengers on the plane died.

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