Russian military plane crash kills 12
An aging Russian armed cargo plane not working south of Moscow, killing all 12 people aboard, officials said Wednesday. The federal analytical group said the An-22 plane was on a flight Tuesday from the southwestern county of Voronezh region when it crashed in the Tula region, about 120 miles (190 kilometers) south of Moscow.

It said that along with the crew piloting the Antonov, the giant four-engined turboprop airplane was also was carrying one more crew to the Migalovo military air bottom in the Tver region. The cause of the crash was not right away strong-minded.

The An-22, which was considered in the 1960s, has a payload of 60 metric tons and is competent of airlifting about 300 troops. Only a handful is still in examined with the Russian air force. The aircraft that went down Tuesday was built in 1974.

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