Got a date? Mixed seating at State of Union
Civility or just silly, the push to mix Republicans and Democrats from side to side the spectators of President Barack Obama’s televised State of the Union speaks to spread across Capitol Hill on Monday, fueled by signals that Americans want to see more collaboration among the nation's leaders.

Hatched last week by Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., the idea wedged fire over the weekend after a poll showed a big mass of the public wanting lawmakers of both parties to sit mutually at the presidential address. A spirited round of private phone calls and e-mails amongst lawmakers follow, and by Monday at least five dozen House members and senators had publicize they had bipartisan dates for the big dance.

The corollary could be supportive to Obama as he delivers what is efficiently the first talking of his re-election campaign. Rather than serving the customary chart of the president's party popping up on one side of the chamber for dozens of standing ovations, the applause will be more consistently spread, possibly giving the delusion of wider receipt.

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