Meet the new boss: Daley is Obama chief of staff
Overhaul his team at the top, President Barack Obama on Thursday named banker and knowledgeable following fighter William Daley as his new chief of staff, hoping to refresh both a White House raid into re-election mode and a monetary system still out of mouthful of air for help.

The option of Daley right away brings howls of complaint from the left flank of the Democratic Party, where advocate question his insider ties to Wall Street. Centrists, business leaders and Republican lawmaker rallied approximately the move, one that emphasize just how much and how fast the face of the White House is altering.

Obama, whose hopes for a second term will be shaped mainly by how the economy does, immediately linked Daley's planned time to that task. For the most important staff job in American politics, Obama chose a fellow Chicagoan and former Cabinet desk that has run both companies and campaigns.

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