Egypt's protests carry on on 14th day

Protests next to President Hosni Mubarak continued on 14th day amid the government opened talks with resistance groups to resolve Egypt's deepest crisis in 30 years.

On Sunday, the protesters noticeable 'Martyr Day' to honor fallen martyrs.

Protesters have managed to keep their place despite a heavy army presence and attacks by pro-government thugs.

The protesters say their achievements in recent days make it not possible for them to turn back until Mubarak quits power.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood has announced that it has in progress talks with the authorities.
"Keeping in mind the interests of the nation and its institutions and worried about preserving the country's independence... we determined to begin talks to see up to what point they are ready to accept the stress of the people," an official from the Muslim Brotherhood said.

A report says the talks have already in progress between the two sides, while others say a dialogue between representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian cabinet is listed for Sunday.

A leading Egyptian resistance figure Mohamed ElBaradei said he was "not invited" to take part in negotiations on the future of a post-Mubarak Egypt, and criticized the talks as "opaque."

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