Freed young leader energizes Egyptian protests
A young Google executive who helped ignite Egypt's rebellion eager a cheering crowd of hundreds of thousands Tuesday with his first look in their midst after being free from 12 days in clandestine custody. "We won't give up," he promises at one of the major protest yet in Cairo's Tahrir Square.

Once a out of sight Internet campaigner, 30-year-old Wael Ghonim has come out as an inspiring voice for a interest group that has taken pride in being a leaderless "people's uprising." Now, the different activists behind it with Ghonim are functioning to coalesce into council to push their demands for President Hosni Mubarak's ouster.

By means of protests refreshed, Vice President Omar Suleiman issued a sharply worded warning, saying of the protest in Tahrir, "We can't stand this for a long time, and there must be an end to this crisis as soon as likely," in a sign of growing annoyance with 16 days of mass demonstration.

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