Superbowl makes Arlington hottest place to be... for 4 nights, anyway
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Vacation Rentals Arlington, Texas is take pleasure in immediately such a boon right now as the city gears up for Superbowl XLV. What, you consideration you'd fly in Friday? Or Saturday? Hope you're staying with friends then: the official Superbowl Visitor Guide tells us that "Super Bowl weekend starts Thursday, February 3, 2011 - Monday, February 7, 2011. The majority of hotels will have a 4-night smallest amount compulsion over these dates."
Deal with it. You're going to Arlington for 4 nights. Now, which hotel to book? You can use the representative XLV site to find housing too. The especially cheapest we could find was a motel in Plano, not still in Arlington, for $140 a night-- with taxes, a hefty $632.80-- this not plus parking we'll need since we have to drive to the arena; beer; food; beer; and incidentals. Oh yes, and plane tickets to Texas, as well as the Superbowl tickets themselves. And more beer.
To set the pricing in viewpoint, we tried a little before and after contrast. Using Expedia, we did a look for for open rooms those 4 nights, and then sorted by price from lowly to highest. Though it is not the lowest price, we chose "America's Best Value Inn," as we found this name reason for great mirth. Here's the run down on America's Best Value, a two star hotel which a report 33% of former visitors would counsel to a celebrity else:

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