Japan prepares to restart work at nuclear plant

Japan prearranged urgent situation workers to withdraw from its suffering nuclear complex Wednesday amid a surge in emission, for the time being suspending efforts to cool the overheating reactors. Hours later, officials said they were preparing to send the team back in.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said the workers, who had been drenching the reactors with salt water in a frantic effort to stabilize their temperature, had no choice but to pull back from the most hazardous areas.

"The workers cannot carry out even smallest work at the plant now," he said Wednesday morning, as smoke swelled above the crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear intricate. "Because of the radiation risk we are on understudy."

Afterward, an official with Tokyo Electric Power, which operates the place, said the team had inhibited about 500 yards (meters) from the complex, other than were getting prepared to go back in.

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