Japan declares no-go zone around nuclear plant

Residents hurried back into the 12-mile (20-kilometer) evacuation zone about Japan's radiation-spewing nuclear power plant Thursday, grab whatever possessions they could before an arrange went into effect legally proscription admission to the area.

A stream of evacuees ventured into abandoned towns near the plant, some in white caring suits and others in face masks and rain gear they hoped would protect against radiation. Most raced from beginning to end the zone with car windows closed, their vehicles overcrowded with clothing and valuables.

"This is our last ability, but we aren't going to stay long. We are just receiving what we need and receiving out," said Kiyoshi Kitajima, an X-ray technician, who dash to his hospital in Futaba, a town next-door to the plant, to pull together utensils before the order went into end product at midnight.

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