Obama: Congress will compromise, raise debt limit

President Barack Obama, be adamant a politically alienated government will not risk tanking the world economy, says Congress will once again raise the amount of debt the country can pile up to make certain it has money to pay its bills. For the first time, though, he signaled that he will have to go down with more expenditure cuts to make sure a deal with Republicans.

In an interview Friday with The Associated Press, the president also spoke in his most confident terms yet that voters will reward him with an additional four years in the White House for his work to turn around the country. Speaking from his hometown and the site of his recently launched re-election bid, Obama said he thinks voters will resolve he is the best geared up person "to finish the job."

On America's wars, he said that an important number of troops would begin coming home from Afghanistan in July in spite of many prospect that the withdrawal would be modest. He said the U.S.would not make bigger its military role to end a bloody stalemate in Libya but insist that Moammar Gadhafi would, in time, be compulsory from power.

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