Joyous Americans gather to mark bin Laden death

Joyous at the let go of a decade's aggravation, Americans streamed to the site of the World Trade Center, the gates of the White House and smaller but no less triumphant gathering crosswise the nation to rejoice the death of Osama bin Laden — cheering, waving flags and belting the national anthem.

Ground zero, more known these past 10 years for bagpipes playing "Amazing Grace" and solemn speeches and point of outlook over what to build to honor the Sept. 11 dead, became, for the first time, a place of celebrations.

"We've been to come a long time for this day," Lisa Ramaci, a New Yorker whose husband was a temporary journalist killed in the Iraq war, said early Monday. "I think it's a relief for New York tonight just in the intelligence that we had this 10 years of aggravation just building and building, wanting this guy dead, and at the present he is, and you can see how pleased people are."

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