Tunisia Threatens Libya Over Rocket Attacks


Tunisia has threatened to statement Libya to the UN Security Council if it fires on boundary areas once more amid claims rockets were fired by Colonel Gaddafi's forces. Weight has been piling on the Libyan head after an obvious defection by his oil minister and additional Nato air strikes on Tripoli.

Now, a Tunisian foreign ministry source has warned the government would take following action over "ongoing firing of rockets" towards Tunisian country. Earlier on Tuesday at least four Russian-made Grad rocket fired from Libya landed inside Tunisia, according to reports.

The attacks forced Libyan rebels to pull back temporarily from the Dehiba-Wazin border crossing, save for they kept control even with several rebel deaths and injuries. A Tunisian government official has said oil minister Shukri Ghanem, a expert of Col Gaddafi's regime, had left Libya at the weekend and was in neighboring Tunisia.

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