Jury begins deliberating in Casey Anthony trial

Casey Anthony Trial

Jurors began deliberating Monday in the Casey Anthony murder trial after inquiry prosecutors argue the woman killed her 2-year-old daughter Caylee since the toddler interrupted her carefree partying and love life. Prosecutors in their rebuttal final argument earlier Monday said the defense's assertion that Caylee's death was an "accident that snowballed out of organize" makes no sense.

Anthony's attorneys say the girl drown in the family's pool. They have said Anthony panic and that her father, a former police officer, determined to make the death look like a homicide by placing duct tape over the child's mouth and dumping the body in a few nearby woods. George Anthony has denied that.

Prosecutor Jeff Ashton told the jurors that no one makes an not guilty accident look like a murder."That's absurd. Nothing has been accessible to you to make that any less absurd," Ashton said. He also spent significant time remind the jurors about the forensic confirmation that he says links Anthony to her daughter's death, as well as the smell and chemical signature of decomposition in her car.

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