UK phone hacking targets more slain schoolgirls

uk phonehacking

Britain's tabloid phone hacking scandal conquered the airways Wednesday as it swelled to allegedly involve extra not there schoolgirls and the families of London terror victims. Lawmakers held an emergency debate, companies hastily pull their ads and the prime minister demanded two new inquiries.

News International, the British linchpin of Rupert Murdoch's international News Corp. media empire, was under intense pressure owing to its News of the World tabloid, which has admitted hacking into the phones of celebrities but at the moment stands accused of possibly interfering with police investigations into missing girls who were establish murdered.

The News of the World had supposedly hacked into the cell phone of missing 13-year-old Milly Dowler in 2002, deleting messages and generous her parents and police false hope that the girl was still alive.Milly had been abducted and murdered, and the look for for her transfixed Britain at the time.

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