White House threatens to veto Boehner's House plan

 Boehner's House plan

The White House threatened on Tuesday to veto emergency House legislation with the intention of aims to avert a threatened national defaulting, a pre-emptive strike issue as Republican Speaker John Boehner labored to line up sufficient votes in his own party to pass the measure.

Boehner faced criticism from a little conservative in advance of an expected vote on Wednesday.The bill would raise the debt limit by $1 trillion even as making cuts to federal spending of $1.2 trillion — reductions with the purpose of conservatives say aren't enough.

The measure also would establish a committee of lawmakers to advise additional budget savings of $1.8 trillion, which would trigger an additional $1.6 trillion enlarge in the debt limit.The White House objects to the condition for a second vote before the 2012 elections.

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