GOP candidates slam Obama on US credit downgrade

US credit downgrade

The 2012 Republican presidential contenders contain roundly criticized President Barack Obama for economic policies they contend helped make the downgrade of U.S. credit by a major ratings agency but they've offered little of their own ideas to ease the current crisis, and analysts warn they could risk a backlash beginning voters frightened by the market turbulence and weary of partisan finger-pointing.

"Americans are exhausted with Washington's blame game and are craving any person who can provide legitimate answers on a pathway on getting out of this mess," Republican strategist Ron Bonjean said, "The Republican who can rise higher than and provide a platform of answers, a blueprint — that will set them apart beginning the rest of the pack."

The Dow plunged 634 points, or 5.5 percent, Monday behind Standard & Poor's announcement late Friday that it have downgraded U.S. credit from AAA to AA+, Obama stepped before cameras through the market sell-off Monday, pledging to work with a bipartisan committee of lawmakers to seek further deficit decrease and to develop policies to reduce the stubbornly high 9.1 percent unemployment rate.

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