GOP debate: Hitting hard at each other and Obama

gopdebate obama

Minnesota rivals Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann sparred bitterly Thursday night through an eight-candidate Republican debate, looking for to break out of the GOP presidential pack ahead of an Iowa test vote with huge consequences each seeks to turn out to be the main challenger to Republican front-runner Mitt Romney.

Their efforts were newly complicated by Texas Gov, Rick Perry, who stole a few of the spotlight from afar by making it known hours earlier than the debate that he was running for the GOP nomination that was the latest twist in the nearly all consequential week yet in the 2012 Republican presidential nomination fight.

Though everyone on the stage assailed President Barack Obama, it was clear beginning the quarreling between Pawlenty and Bachmann through the feisty two-hour debate who had the most on the line ahead of Saturday's straw poll that might well winnow the field on stage just a few minutes, Pawlenty, who is struggling to gain traction, went following Bachmann, accusing the congresswoman of achieving nothing significant in Congress, lacking executive experience and have a history of fabrications.

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