Helicopters rush food, water to cut-off Vt. towns

Helicopters rush food

National Guard helicopters rushed food and water Tuesday to a dozen cut-off Vermont town subsequent to the rainy remnants of Hurricane Irene washed out roads and bridges in a deluge that took several people in the landlocked New England state by surprise,"As soon as we can get help, we need help," Liam McKinley said by cellphone from a mountain higher than flood-stricken Rochester, Vt.

Up to 11 inches of rain beginning the weekend storm turned placid streams into churning, brown torrents so as to knocked homes off their foundations, flattened trees and took giant bites out of the asphalt across the countryside at least three people died in Vermont, "I imagine that people are still a little shell-shocked right now there's just a set of disbelief on people's faces, It came through so quickly, and there's so a large amount damage," Gail Devine, director of the Woodstock Recreation Center, said as volunteers stimulated furniture out of the flooded basement and shoveled out thick mud that full the center's two swimming pools.

As crews raced to repair the roads, the National Guard began in the air in supplies to the towns of Cavendish, Granville, Hancock, Killington-Mendon, Marlboro, Pittsfield, Plymouth, Rochester, Stockbridge, Strafford, Stratton and Wardsboro the Guard as well used heavy-duty vehicles to take relief to flood-stricken communities still reachable by road.

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