Syrian city of Hama blacked out

Syrian city

Syrian authorities kept the agitated city of Hama under a blackout Thursday, cutting phone lines, Internet and electricity as division of a brutal, five-day-old crackdown on anti-government dissent activists expressed concern regarding worsening humanitarian conditions there, saying medical supplies and bread be in little supply even before the latest siege.

Security forces killed at least seven protesters in extra parts of Syria overnight when they went out to demonstrate after particular nighttime prayers for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, activists said. Hozan Ibrahim, of the Local Coordination Committees which track the attack, said up to 30 people may contain been killed in Hama Wednesday based on reports from fleeing residents. But the reports might not be immediately verified.

Phones and Internet in Hama have been cut or harshly hampered for at least two days. Electricity has been out or sporadic because Sunday. Rami Abdul-Rahman, who heads the London-based Observatory for Human Rights, said some 1,000 families include fled Hama in the past two days, nearly all of them to the village of Mashtal Hilu west of Hama and al-Salamieh to the east.

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