Election-year ruling looms for health overhaul


President Barack Obama's landmark health care renovate appears headed for a Supreme Court ruling as the presidential election season hits full stride in the coming year the health care law distressing virtually every American is sure to figure highly in President Barack Obama's campaign for re-election republican contenders are already assail it in virtually every debate and speech.

The administration on Wednesday formally appeal a ruling by the federal appeals court in Atlanta that struck down the law's core requirement that Americans buy health insurance or pay a punishment beginning in 2014 the administration said the appeal court decision declare the law's central provision unauthorized was "fundamentally flawed."

At the same time, however, the winners in that appellate case, 26 states and the National Federation of Independent Business, also asked for high court appraisal Wednesday, saying the entire law, and not just the individual insurance permission should be struck down the Supreme Court almost forever weighs in when a lower court has struck down all or part of a federal law, to say nil of one that aims to extend insurance coverage to additional than 30 million Americans.

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