Obama tells Congress to cut taxes in his jobs plan


Attacking a deepening jobs crisis, President Barack Obama challenged a reluctant Congress Thursday night to immediately pass a larger-than-expected $450 billion plan to "jolt an economy that has stalled," He urged lawmakers to hack Social Security taxes for tens of millions of Americans and for approximately every business to encourage hiring.

"Stop the political circus," an animated Obama told a joint meeting of Congress in a nationally televised speech over and more than he implored lawmakers to "pass this jobs bill."Open to discussion but making no promises, Republican House Speaker John Boehner said Obama's ideas would be careful but the president should give heed to Republicans' as well, "It's my hope that we can work together," he said.

In announcing a plan heavy on the tax cuts that Republicans traditionally love, Obama sought to achieve multiple goals: offer a plan that could really get through a deeply divided Congress, speed hiring in a nation where 14 million are out of work, shore up public assurance in his leadership and put Republicans on the mark to take action.

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