Obama to propose $300 billion to jump-start jobs

Obama to propose $300 billion

The economy weak and the public seething, President Barack Obama is predictable to propose $300 billion in tax cuts and centralized spending Thursday night to get Americans working again, Republicans offered Tuesday to compromise through him on jobs but also assailed his plans in progress of his prime time speech.

In effect, Obama will be hitting cleanup on a condensed holiday week, with Republican White House contender Mitt Romney release his jobs proposals on Tuesday and front-running Texas Gov. Rick Perry hoping toward join his presidential rivals Wednesday evening on a nationally televised debate point for the first time.

Lawmakers began returning to the Capitol to tackle legislation on jobs and centralized deficits in an unforgiving political season spiced by the 2012 presidential crusade adding to the mix a bipartisan congressional committee is slated to grasp its first public meeting on Thursday as it embarks on a quest for deficit cuts of $1.2 trillion or more above a decade if there is no agreement, automatic spending cuts will take effect, a view that lawmakers in both parties have said they would like to avoid.

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