Barack Obama: All U.S. troops will be pulled out of Iraq

Barack Obama: All U.S. troops will be pulled out of Iraq

U.S. President Barack Obama ordered a complete withdrawal from the country, almost after nine years the invasion under President George W Bush. About 39,000 US troops remain in Iraq, down from a peak of 165,000 in 2008. He has announced that, “All U.S. troops will be pulled out of Iraq by the end of the year”.

The US and Iraq were in "full agreement" on how to move forward, Mr Obama said, adding: "The US leaves Iraq with our heads held high."

"That is how America's military efforts in Iraq will end."

According to the Department of Defense, there have been 4,408 American military deaths in Iraq ever since March 2003. Mr Obama spoke at the White House following a video conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki.

He promised assistance and "a strong and enduring partnership" with Iraqi government. The US declared the end of its combat mission in Iraq in 2010. The deadline for complete troop withdrawal by end of 2011 was set during former President George W Bush's term in office.

However, the issue of a full pullout had been the subject of an ongoing debate. Iraqi leaders had wanted 5,000 US troops to remain in a training capacity. But those trainers would not have received immunity from prosecution under Iraqi law.

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