‘Far Behind’ Projections - Obama’s $500 Million Green Jobs Program

President Obama’s highly-touted green jobs program born out of his 2009 incentive package has spend more than $111 million to train 18,000 people who still haven't landed a job.

Elliot P. Lewis, the assistant inspector general of the Labor Department, laid out his findings Wednesday at a House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee hearing entitled "The Green Energy Debacle: Where Has All the Taxpayer Money Gone?"

The Labor Department awarded $490.1 million of the $500 million it received from the 2009 Recovery Act though 189 competitive grants. As of June 30, recipients reported spending $162.8 million, or 33 percent of the amount awarded. Another $52 million of that spending did result in 8,000 people finding jobs in the eco-friendly industry.

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