Four year Prison Life: Michael Jackson doctor Conrad Murray

The US doctor Conrad Murray, convicted of the instinctive unlawful death of pop star Michael Jackson has been sentenced to four years in county prison. The official teams will come back in January 2012 to talk about the prosecution's demand for Murray to forfeit compensation to Jackson's relations.

Defense attorney Ed Chernoff said he would previously be punished for existence by being recognized as "the gentleman who killed Michael Jackson". Murray was found responsible prior this month behind a six-week tryout. Defense lawyers argued that Murray had complete a enormous service to the population right through his days, together with donating provisions to Caribbean health center and opening a hospital in the poorest part of Houston, Texas.

Murray possibly will mislay his certify to practice medication. n a sentencing memo delivered to Judge Michael Pastor in proceed of Tuesday's earshot, prosecuting attorney David Walgren supposed Murray had revealed no regret for Jackson's death., lawyers for Murray dropped a solution dispute in the middle through the test - that the pop celebrity had intoxicated the propofol. But they sustained to dispute that Jackson had by some means dosed himself or else.

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